Sandra & Paul

Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1TJ

Instrumental duo on Violin & Guitar

In the last ten years Sandra & Paul, with the violin and a guitar, have made over a hundred events memorable. What makes them stand out are their imaginative, tasteful arrangements and synergic, communicative playing. Their repertoire spans many genres and styles covering Classical, Country, Folk, Ceilidh & Irish, jazz & blues and contemporary pop.

Whether you are after an elegant and refined duo dressed to the nines at reception, an upbeat and wild country folk barn-dance, a gipsy Bohemian chic, or DJ freestyle violin impro, S&P are available for:

- Weddings: Ceremony and romantic ambience for the drinks reception

- Private or corporate parties and functions: a specialized performance and song list to fit your every event: birthdays, company celebrations, and anniversaries.

Contact: Sandra, Paul
Tel: 07808 853624

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Wedding drinks reception

During the drinks reception, Sandra & Paul can play two x 45' sets of engaging background instrumental tunes giving preference to your favourite music genre of choice.

Violin and guitar instrumental duo for weddings

Sandra & Paul have a very mixed and rich multilingual cultural background. They've played and travelled to many countries around the world and absorbed different cultures. That makes their sound so eclectic and unique.
Their imaginative, tasteful arrangements span many genres and styles from gipsy jazz to pop. Their synergic and communicative playing blends in a colourful sound experience.
Sandra has a Conservatory violin degree completed in Italy, with years of experience playing in classical orchestras, folk & pop bands, and all in between.
Paul had classical violin training and he worked with many bands, including producing and recording in the studio.

Music (Ceremony)
Violin and guitar Instrumental duo for weddings

Sandra & Paul will liaise with you to make your dream wedding ceremony come through, choosing carefully about seven songs for the pre-ceremony, learning the walking down the aisle song of your choice, up to two signing the registry songs and one exit/recession tune.


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