Start-up brand Art of Couture showcasing at County Wedding Events

Start-up brand Art of Couture showcasing at County Wedding Events: Image 1

A new environmental trend in the fashion world, start-up brand Art of Couture presents an innovative concept of combining custom tailoring with dress rental.

Ukrainian fashion designer Kateryna Orlovska announces the launch of a new fashion brand, Art of Couture, which not only impresses with style and elegance, but also has a significant impact on preserving the environment.

Since moving from Ukraine to the UK two years ago, Kateryna Orlovska has been exploring the aesthetics of English culture, which has become an important source of inspiration for her new collection of evening dresses, bridal dresses, and other elegant outfits.

"I have always been interested in how I personally can contribute to the preservation of our planet," shares Kateryna Orlovska. "And recently we launched a new fashion brand, Art of Couture."

The brand's mission is to minimize its environmental impact by introducing a new service to the fashion market. This is a combination of individual tailoring of a dress with its subsequent rental. The client has the opportunity to return the dress to us after the end of the holiday and get 50% of its cost back. In the future, we will use this dress for rental.

This approach significantly reduces costs, making the bespoke service more accessible, saving time on finding the right outfit, and giving your favourite clothes a second life.

"We believe that thoughtfully extending the life of clothing is important when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of clothing," adds Kateryna Orlovska.

Art of Couture confidently champions the importance of conscious fashion choices, encouraging clients to use natural fabrics and championing sustainability through its innovative tailor-to-rental program. In addition, the brand plans to open a creative space for masterclasses and educational programmes aimed at spreading a conscious approach in the fashion industry.

Kateryna Orlovska and Art of Couture invite you to join the movement for a greener and more sustainable fashion future, where every choice counts, and beauty and responsibility go hand in hand.


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