Find your wedding photographer at the Brentwood Centre's Signature Wedding Show

Find your wedding photographer at the Brentwood Centre's Signature Wedding Show: Image 1 Credit: Steve Mulvey Photography

When attending our Signature Wedding Show at the Brentwood Centre on Sunday 24th October 2021, couples have the chance to liaise local professional about all aspects of their day.
Photographer Steve Mulvey, is on hand to talk about your wedding photography and has some great advice for planning for that photographic opportunity - golden hour!

He says, "One of the most overlooked moment of any wedding day is "what time is sunset?". Depending on the time of year, this could be during your meal or first dance. And of course, the sun and light is not something under our control but key for epic wedding portraits.
"I always makes couples aware of this well before their wedding day so no last minute surprises or rushing around. And the results show it's well worth making it part of your plans! So here's a quick checklist to make the magic happen:

  1. Find out what time and direction sun will set. Google will help here.
  2. Some venues are surrounded by obstructions so this time can be brought forward.
  3. Plan for around 20-25mins before that to be in position. Often it's bright enough and really beautiful around this time.
  4. Enjoy shoot, but also take a breath, hold hands and enjoy the views too. Your first day married ends and your first night begins.
  5. Get back to the celebrations. You've had a beautiful moment together and you're guests await!

While we are never guaranteed a sunset, Steve's use of lighting means it will still be a great opportunity for a quick photo shoot with dramatic effects in almost any condition. Talk to your photographer about golden hour opportunities or contact Steve direct with any queries.

Steve Mulvey
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About the event:
Signature Wedding Show at The Brentwood Centre
Sunday 24th October 2021, 11am - 3.30pm
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