Award-winning exhibitor at our Signature Wedding Show at The Brentwood Centre

Award-winning exhibitor at our Signature Wedding Show at The Brentwood Centre: Image 1 Credit: Maddie Waters PhotographyPop along to our Signature Wedding Show at The Brentwood Centre to check out the talents of award-winning The Singing Waiter Masters.

The Singing Waiters Masters are a brilliant surprise for the bride and groom as well as for the guests - no one would ever expect the 'venue staff', who has been serving your wedding party all day, to burst into a professional live performance!

The company's trained actors are, or have been West End or Opera leading roles, so their voices are incredible and it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have stars of the stage perform privately to you and your wedding party.
The acts can perform during your wedding breakfast where there tends to be a 'lull'; guests are full and beginning to tire from the busy day and are waiting for the evening entertainment to get revved up again. An actor will create a 'scenario' which allows them to burst into song and wow everyone in the room!
This leads to an incredible show which takes you and your guests on a journey starting with stunning vocals and leading to a party where everyone is up, dancing and having a fabulous time. This is an atmosphere like no other as more and more actors continue to surprise everyone with their sophisticated, interactive and entertaining show! Remember to keep it a secret!

The Singing Waiter Masters were also winners of the 'UK's Best Wedding Musical Act' in the UK Wedding Awards.

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The Singing Waiter Masters will be attending our County Wedding Event, Signature Wedding Show, at The Brentwood Centre on 7th and 8th September, 2019.

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